Welcome in the World of Move-In, Assembly and Logistics !


Sensitive goods in safe hands. We are your partner for planing, projecting, controlling and execution of all logistic processes like move-in & -out, relocating of industrial machinery worldwide and assembly of different types of machinery. We will support you regardless the size of project and type of machine.


Know-how from Germany all over in the world. With 7 locations worldwide, we are always near to your project. With permanent running projects in America, Germany, Malaysia and China we are serving the renewable energy, automotive, chemical, consumer goods, logistics, furniture and manufacturing sectors.


We´re pleased to show you an overview about what our Philosophy is, why you should run your project with us and what we are able to do.


Visit the Kurzenberger Website to gather more information and interesting facts about the Klose Group! Also visit our facebook page for the latest news about the Klose Group!


About the Klose Industrial Service

75 years ago the Kurzenberger GmbH was founded and was growing constantly since the first year. The Klose Industrial Service GmbH & Co.KG, separated in 2006 from the Kurzenberger GmbH, has it´s origins in logistics and specialized -from decade to decade- in handling sensitive goods.



Company Brochure

Giving a brief overview on the Klose Industrial Services as well as the Klose Group, we invite you to take a look at our new Company Brochure.


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