Your All-in Logistic Partner

The Kurzenberger GmbH was founded more than 75 years ago and is also a Company of the Klose Group.

Based in the logistics sector, the Kurzenberger Team will provide you with a total solution regarding your Logistic Issues.




Service & Maintenance

From Out Sourcing to Supporting. Efficiently. Available.

The availableness of machines and the quality of your production is one of your highest goals. We understand that and will support you in every way.


Minimize costly downtime with our dedicated maintenance team which perform preventive maintenance and any form of maintenance that you desire. If necessary, we create a knowledge database on the specific knowledge about your equipment - if we do not already have it- so that you don´t have to worry about a loss of knowledge when outsourcing your maintenance. On request, we can also build up a repair centre in your factory to even further reduce downtime.


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